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Don’t pay for the expensive miles

Speed up your sales cycle, triple your sales and reduce travel expenses thanks to remote meetings.

Practical Examples

Example 1. B2B company selling nationwide.

30 unprofitable F2F meetings (distance 200 km = 400 km round-trip). Time used for travel and meetings: 6 hours.


5160 €

12000 x 0,43 € = 5160 €

Daily allowances

285 €

15 x 19 € = 285 €

Wage costs

4860 €

6 h x 30 = 180 h = 4860 €
(27 €/h, incl. indirect costs)

Total cost 10305 €

30 remote meetings would have taken in total 15 h (30 x 0,5 h) and cost 810 €

Remote meetings would have made it possible to assess the need for further F2F meetings.

Example 2. B2B company selling in the capital area.

200 “unnecessary” F2F meetings that could have been avoided by organizing remote meetings instead.

Time used for travel and meetings

400 h

200 x 2 h = 400 h

Hourly rate

27 €/h

Incl. indirect costs

Total cost 10800 €

200 remote meetings would have taken 100 h (200 x 0,5) and cost 2700 €.

Mileage compensation and daily allowances have not been taken into account in the calculations as the meetings are assumed to be held rather nearby.


Behind Dista Oy are serial entrepreneurs Antti Seppälä, Tero Ylönen and Juha-Matti Raukola from Tampere, Finland. The company currently employs around 70 distance sales professionals.

In January 2011 in Tampere, a serial entrepreneur and sales development consultant was taking a look at their calendar. It had become full due to routine meetings with various companies and consultation commissions. How to make time for new sales? Currently, there were approximately two sales meetings scheduled weekly but in the long run this surely would not be enough. 3 out of 4 of those meetings took place in Helsinki and going there to hold a few meetings would actually take the whole working day’s time. For half of these meetings, starting a collaboration would only be current after one year. In other words, holding these F2F meetings was too burdensome of a sales tactic at this point.
There must be a way to do this more efficiently and with higher sales volumes. There must be a way to better assess the quality of these F2F meetings. But how?

In 2014, a solution was found thanks to a free and reliable screen sharing tool – although voice would be shared through phone due to sales tactics – benefitting consultants and more than a hundred B2B organizations through a very simple process. These organizations share the desire for efficient sales. Many B2B organizations assess the need for further F2F meetings through a quick and effortless remote meeting – some use this as their only way to drive sales.

Distance selling minimizes the expenses and maximizes the efficiency – therefore providing more fruitful results than F2F sales alone. Our customers go from contacted lead to remote meeting at a 31% average.

Helena Tirinen


5 Quick Ones

  • A fair and effortless first contact with your potential client
  • Remote meetings work regardless of location – even with multiple participants
  • Considerable savings on both travel costs and time
  • Up to 8 remote meetings per day and per salesperson
  • Eliminate unnecessary sales meetings from your calendar

Fast, Easy and Flexible

  • Get your sales off to a flying start for expansions and new launches
  • Rescheduling a remote meeting is simple as ABC
  • Modify your sales materials even during the remote meeting
  • In a remote meeting you can either sell a F2F meeting, a new remote meeting or directly effect a sale

Free and User-friendly

  • A third-party screen sharing tool that is free of charge, easy to use (no installations or registrations needed) and secure (SSL certified)
  • Conversations are conducted through the phone so that any possible instability in the Internet connection does not affect the meeting. This is also a way to better attract the attention of the prospect.

Development VS. F2F Sales

  • Remote meetings are easy to record (NB! only the seller’s part) – therefore it is also easier to develop and improve distance sales than F2F sales
  • Many organizations utilize previous meeting recordings to build a digital sales manual


We provide our customers B2B remote meetings on a success basis. Fixing remote meetings into the prospect’s calendar (Dista) as well as conducting the remote meetings (the customer themselves) are both at the heart of our know-how. Our customers’ order volumes vary from 10 meetings monthly to 50 meetings weekly.

Start your success

What we offer for our customers

  • Call scripts (either product or service related)
  • Materials to conduct remote meetings efficiently
  • A step-by-step guide for remote selling
  • An introduction to the free, foolproof and secure (SSL certified) screen sharing tool
  • An appointed expert that will book the remote meetings
  • Lead service (contact lists)

Now more than 80 companies trust Dista’s distance selling model