Sales Design

We plan a modern way for you to sell without blowing your current CRM to bits. Our goal is to help you follow and manage your sales activities systematically.


  • Predictability
  • The usage of full potential in CRM
  • Guidelines for Off-Line Sales situations
  • Better pull%

Remote meetings for B2B sales team

  • Contacting Finnish decision makers based on behavioral recearch results that are generated from over 1.000.0000 calls
  • Every "no thank you" is an interaction - we protect customers brand in every contact
  • Specific and measurable raporting including every interaction made with the Lead


Multichannel Contacting

  • The 360° of Outbound-demand
  • Diverse Lead Generation and excecuting the full potential of Lead Pool
  • We can warm the Lead Pool before calls, during calls and after calls with different methods (ie. email, Linkedin etc.).
  • We understand the potential of the leads that said "no thank you".


  • CRM-audits and also the tactical side of CRM; how to increase the usage of CRM with the right actions
  • Data based Sales planning 
  • SDR and auditing

Multichannel Lead Generation

  • We expand our Pro Finder Lead by calling, automations and by hand
  • We keep our Leaf Pool fresh so that you have the best possible fiel to harvest success in
  • We use Hot & Cold analysis based on Industries, annual revenue, location and analyse which message has the most power on what industry

Anti-Churn and Customer Satisfaction

  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction both based on quality and quantity
  • Decision maker index by monthly and/or by quarterly/1-2 timer per year
  • How is the customer work going, when to take anti-churn actions, when to do added sales etc.

Sales Controller

  • An added resourse to your Sales Team 

Marketing entry ja product fit -recearch

  • Commercial market research with Out Bound
  • During the campaign we track the full potential of the Market. That gives a wider perspective for systematic planning and for on going customer acquisition


Data-assisted Segmentation Design

  • Reality based segmenting 
  • Sustainable and smart distribution of Sales Activities to protect the Lead Life Cycle


Dear Lucy

our way of working

  • We don´t force our meetings - This doesn't serve the Client or us. We don´t reward our callers strictly based on Bookings they make. We aim for quality - not quantity.
  • We want to work as a partner - we provide added value for our Clients with transparent reporting and consultation. We go the extra mile.
  • We respect the Data we collect. We speak different industries fluently.
  • We don´t aim to land as much Clients as possible - we discuss and challenge so that we find the fit that benefits us both